It’s turned out to be about yoga!

My blog is taking a new direction. I am an independent woman, but now I know what I’m doing and where I’m going. I’m no longer, at least for a while, asking the question “What shall I do with the rest of my life?”
That’s a good feeling, a comforting feeling. I practise acupuncture and I teach yoga. I trained in both of those many years ago because I discovered them and made a decision that they would work for me and I could work using both of them for a long time, until I dropped.
The teacher of the style I use in yoga now, Vanda Scaravelli, died around 10 years ago, still practising and teaching – she only ever taught one-to-one – at the age of 91. She wrote a book called “Awakening the Spine”, of which I have a copy. There is a picture of her on the back cover, at an advanced age, in sleeping pose. That means she is lying on her back with her feet behind her head, supporting it, and her hands are under her back, supporting her back, with her palms facing down.
images Vanda Scaravelli
What! I will never do that!
But her yoga is not really about getting into contortions like that one. I think she just loved to get into those positions.
I still love both of the subjects I practise – the yoga and the acupuncture.
I would say that the yoga she taught is above all else about freedom of movement; the freedom of the body to move intelligently and as it wishes. You only have to observe any animal for a very short time to witness freedom of movement and the comfort and appropriateness of that, how it is at one with itself, comfortable in its own skin.
Many of us humans have lost that comfortableness. Yoga helps to direct us back to that, listening to our bodies from within as well as being directed from without by the teacher, or ourselves when we practise. I know it has kept me sane in difficult times. It is a discipline and it does take time and commitment but both of those are good for us and benefit us in lots of ways that we couldn’t or wouldn’t initially think of.
I often combine yoga and acupuncture, for instance if someone comes for acupuncture to help with stress, chronic fatigue or back problems it can be very helpful to use a few basic poses, to help with relaxation or to encourage the muscles to let go of tension.
I have practised yoga for 27 years now. When something feels right you keep doing it.
I’m just off to do a class now.