Acupuncture miracle No.2

Acupuncture Miracle No.2

This lady came to me with a congenital problem with her hip. The hip socket on one side was not properly formed and too open, so not securely holding the ball of the femur (thigh bone).
This was picked up when she was aged nine and she had a bone graft to correct it. At age twelve she had a fall and was in hospital for a week. She caught a virus two weeks later and had pain in the same hip. The doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where she had tests, could not give a reason for the pain and said there was nothing they could do.
When she came to me she was in her mid-twenties. She had been having cranial osteopathy treatment and chiropractic for some time and these treatments helped for a while but the effect soon wore off. So she was trying acupuncture to see what it could do for her.
She walked slowly and heavily and with a limp. The foot of the affected leg deviated laterally (turned to the outside) considerably. She was very fatigued and slept a lot, generally 10 hours a night. I think fatigue is different to tiredness because it doesn’t go away, no matter how much sleep the person gets. She was in a lot of pain and it was the pain which was so tiring. She was taking a painkiller prescribed by her doctor.
I commented the scar from the bone graft operation was on the Stomach meridian. She said she had had a lot of food sensitivities from childhood, beginning at age twelve. She was currently avoiding dairy, sugar and caffeine and was sensitive to several foods.
There are twelve main meridians in acupuncture and these are the ones most often used. Briefly, there are six yin meridians, Heart, Spleen, Lung, Liver, Pericardium or Heart Governor and Kidney. Each of these is associated with its own organ, other than the Pericardium, which refers to the covering around the Heart and in Chinese is seen as the protector of the Heart. The six yang meridians are the Small Intestine, Stomach, Colon, Gall Bladder, Three Heater and Bladder. The Three Heater refers to the three sections of the body – from the diaphragm upwards is the Upper Burner, the Middle Burner is between the diaphragm and the navel and the lower Burner is from the navel down; they each have their own functions and the function of the Three Heater is communication and balance between them and also to distribute heat, or warmth, and energy/qi.
There are also eight Extraordinary Meridians and these form the energetic matrix of the body. As I see it, and there are many views on these channels, they form in the foetus before the twelve main meridians, which then attach themselves to it. This is a rather physical representation of what is an energetic and probably electrical process, but it makes it easy to grasp how they work.
Because they form and act as a matrix they are concerned, among other things, with structure and function. So with something structural, such as this lady, I looked to these meridians and used them.
I also gave her some very simple yoga exercises and some exercises for her foot.
She now walks straight, at a normal pace, without a limp and without pain unless she is unusually tired or stressed. Her digestion is good and she can eat most foods but still avoids cows’ products as she feels better without them. Her hip will always be her weak area, but we all have weaknesses and strengths and that is quite usual. She has abundant energy and is now a mother. Throughout the treatment, which was over a period of two years, she was working full-time, doing physical work which would tire anyone.
Acupuncture is amazing and, I think, unique in its ability to repair and alter structure and function, from an energetic impulse through the needles resulting in a permanent change. I don’t know of any other form of medicine / therapy which could have achieved this result. This can be immensely satisfying work.
I am delighted and so is she.

Introducing miracles

Sometimes treatment with acupuncture produces what can only be described as miraculous, to me as well as to the patient who benefits. I am writing here and in the next few blogs about some of my experiences of these. Obviously, the patient is anonymous and where possible, I have been given their permission to write about their experience.
Chinese medicine works according to very simple principles. A person can be cold, or hot, for instance. This is internal, so that it could be said that the body thermostat is set too low, or too high. Or he or she could be damp, very common in this country, being an island surrounded by water. Or dry. Some people are just dry everywhere and it doesn’t make any difference how much water they drink.
Too much heat, as well as simply being too warm all the time; wanting to take some clothing off, or find somewhere cooler to be, can make you feel as if you are “full up”, even before you eat. It can make being in a crowd of people feel oppressive and overwhelming, “phew, get me out of here,” and irritating. Irritation is always present because there is a fire burning inside, too much of a fire and sometimes it builds up to an intensity that produces an explosion – an angry outburst. Everyone wonders – what was that about? – but what it was about is too much fire and fire consumes. It overrides everything else, including wanting to behave in a socially acceptable way, because it is the body letting off steam, literally, like a kettle of water that boils and no-one is turning off the heat. Fire is yang.
It can be more difficult for the person to handle than cold because at least with cold you can put more clothes on or carry a hot water bottle around. But cold is difficult too.
Whereas heat tends to be expansive, as in fire consumes and reaches into the surrounding environment, whatever that may be – people, or the person’s own immediate personal space – cold is restrictive. People who are cold, and I’m talking physical cold here, not emotional cold, tend to be lower in energy, the opposite of expansive. When water freezes it becomes solid and does not move. Unless it is moved by an outside force, it is literally frozen to the spot. The water in a river moves and flows. When the river is frozen the water does not move. It slows down and then it stops. Every person suffering from cold knows that if they get up and move around they will warm up, to an extent, anyway. But they often lack the incentive and enthusiasm to do just what is needed. Enthusiasm is a kind of fire and they don’t have enough fire. The right amount of fire produces warmth and comfort and the motivation to move around and do what has to be done. Cold is yin and contractive.
Damp clogs things up, makes lumps. You can see in your garden, or any piece of earth, what happens when the weather is damp. A clay soil becomes solid and difficult to work with, for example. Damp in a person produces mucus of various kinds, such as catarrh, discharges, arthritis, endometriosis and a tendency towards depression. Damp is difficult to treat because it tends to be caused or exacerbated by the external environment and then it becomes internal, although it can be internal from the beginning. Damp is not fun. If you have damp in your home you need to do something about it, because it will affect you.
So these are examples of inner climate and what it tends to do.
I am going to write about three examples of what I would call miraculous changes brought about through treatment by acupuncture. One of these is to do with the inner climate, the other two are about the meridians themselves. Meridians are channels of energy; channels in the body which carry energy.
This is an introduction. I will post the first example in the next blog. Soon. I hope you will follow.