How do I feel

I’m a speck of dust

floating in the light

of a sunbeam

shining through the window


How do I feel?

I’m one drop of rain

falling on a grey morning

on someone’s umbrella


How do I feel?

I’m a child’s breath,

warm and sweet

in the morning,

cuddled in bed

before the day begins


How do I feel?

I’m a bead of sweat

on a furrowed brow

anxious, tired, afraid,



How do I feel?

I’m a flake of snow

trodden underfoot

on a winter morning


How do I feel?

I’m a single cell

in a human body

dying of cancer


“It is not half so important to know as to feel”

So said Rachel Carson.


Did you know

the most powerful antibiotic

discovered by Alexander Fleming

was in

human tears?